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Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement



Windshield Replacement, Door Glass, Vent Glass, Quarter Glass, Back Glass, Truck Slider, Side View Mirrors. Our highly trained, certified technicians install only the highest quality glass and sealants to ensure your new windshield is as good as new. Our services are backed up by a lifetime warranty.


There is no need to worry, we come to you and handle the window replacement either at your home or place of business.

All glass is not the same grade and quality.

OE stands for original equipment
( dealer part )

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer ( dealer part w/o logo)

AM stands for aftermarket

G stands for generic ( manufacturer reject )

Glass pricing varies from one company to another from $100 and more, glass pricing is based on quality of parts provided, adhesives and chemicals used, installation and services. So when companies give you a ridiculously low rate they will cut corners no matter what they tell you. And normally they aren’t licensed or insured to afford rates like that.

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Bottom line you get what you pay for. Don’t compromise your safety and investment to just anyone. Using high quality adhesive prevents the pinch weld from rusting and forms a stronger bond. Correct windshield replacement supports your roof in case of a rollover. Correct windshield replacement helps keep airbags intact.

It’s always better to get OE or OEM glass, and here is why: Glass is more durable – doesn’t chip as easy. Crystal clear – no distortion and ripples. Glass fits perfectly. Perfect color match, UV protection, Heat reflective, sound proof – keeps your cabin cooler about 20 degrees